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Monitoring combat casualties with wearables


Demonstrator to show the added value of wearable sensors for combat casualty care. Design is based on observations during field research in military training situations. Our casualty care app transforms health sensor data into information that matches military nursing decision making.



  • Responsive tablet app
  • Immediate connection to COTS sensors (COTS = Custom-of-the-Shelf)
  • Remote monitor for viewing the status of casualties
  • Custom made overview for Incident Medical Commander







Our Approach



1. Field Research and extensive user observations


While doing observations during casualty care training situations multiple challenges are revealed: Vital signs are measured by hand, written on paper and are transfered in spoken word. That consumes costly time, information can be lost and it’s difficult to maintain medical situational awareness.

3. Proof-of-Concept


The first step towards an integrated wearable solution for combat casualty care is building a prototype. Our prototype exists of a tablet app consisting of views for both military nurses as the incident medical commander. Bital signs are measured with a pulse oximeter and a Polar band.


2. Envisioning the desired end state


Merging the views of both military nurses as commanders into on visual of the desired future helps to define the ultimate goal. That leads to the optimal first step, the Proof-of-Concept.


Interested in contributing to the next step?

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