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Applying wearables for Emergency Response, Disaster Management and Pre Hospital Care.
That’s what we support our customers with.
By developing custom made mobile software and seamless, intuitive data presentations.


We enable you and your organization to fully utilize wearable custom-of-the-shelf sensors with custom made apps. Thus preventing you from being locked-in by the vendors of the sensors. And enabling you to combine multiple sensors into one wearable solution that delivers exactly the information you need. We have both the software engineering and the user experience design skills needed to develop a wearable equipment that meets your staff’s needs seamlessly.




Put People First


Generic Sensor Framework


Co-creation & Innovation


The power of Offroad Apps & Things is the combination of knowledge about end user context mapping and knowledge about software development on mobile platforms. They are thus developing apps that match the needs of the intended users best.

Edwin Matthijssen

Project manager, TNO








Wearable Roadmap

Always start with defining and visualizing the desired information for your team first. Then do a backwards reasoning exercise to define the first development step. And choose the optimal wearable electronics accordingly.
We help sharpen your moonshot. And match this ambitious goal to the newest innovations in wearable tech. To plot the shortest road to experience its benefits.


User Interaction Design

Seamless, Convenient, Constant, Hands Free. These are a few of the charateristics of good wearable solutions in demanding environments. That’s why we always put the user first, not only in words but in actual deeds. One of our main tasks is doing user observations, contextmapping, field studies, and continusously checking with the intended users whether our observations are correct.


Engineering Support

When applying wearables one faces a diverse range of technical challenges. Which sensors fit our desired outcomes best? How do we access the data and how do we share information? How do we built a robust suit of sensors and displays that work together? We can do the technical elaboration, build a Proof-of-Concept and do the Requirements Analysis for you.


From prototype to product

You already did some experiments with wearable sensors and output devices and built a prototype? It’s one of our specialties to transform prototypes into a product that can be applied in an operationel setting (and thus be sold, if you like). We make a mapping of  the prototype functionalities onto hardware and software components and construct a software code base that meets operational requirements.



Co-creating an Emergency mHealth App

Our ultimate goal? Sensor patches available in every public area to adjust on victims after an incident. By anyone around, with or without medical training. Thus making it possible to monitor all victims automatically. To save more lives. Interested in participating? Contact us!



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